"We have been using Dock Armor around our marina since 2001. The dock fenders have been used at the gas dock, we have lined some slips with them, and we have even strung lights through them to light up docks or bridges. This product works great, it looks great and most importantly it saves scratches on the hull of your boat. I would recommend this product to any boater or marina."

Ryan Stovold – Lefroy Harbour Resorts Inc.


​Where did the idea for Dock Armor come from?  It was created by accident; a great example of Canadian ingenuity.

Bob Ritchie of R & M Plastics has supplied a large portion of North America with yellow hydro pole guards for over 50 years. Being an avid boater himself, Bob wanted to eliminate the need for big fat fenders and the stress involved in docking his boat, so he turned to hydro pole guards for the answer.

Bob took his proprietary formula for making one of North Americas leading utility pole guards, modified it slightly and created Dock Armor.

15 years ago Bob installed his first set of Dock Armor on his own boat slip. Today it’s still there and doing exactly what it’s meant to do—protect his boat!

Dock Armor is designed to attach to the side of your dock or slip, offering permanent, custom protection for your boat. The seamless, streamlined design adds an attractive accent to any dock, all while effortlessly protecting your boat from scratches, dents and nicks.

​Just think, no more stress from fighting with boat bumpers as you arrive and leave your dock!

Dock Armor is made in Canada by Canadians for Canadians docks and can withstand all of our magnificent weather conditions.

​The proprietary formula used to make Dock Armor has been proven to work well in all weather conditions, including temperature changes from minus 30F to plus 100F.

Dock Armor is weatherproof, mold-proof, sun resistant, non–toxic, non–leaching, chemical and petroleum resistant. Our revolutionary colour stabilization technology makes Dock Armor mold resistant, something not commonly found with competing products. Dock Armor contains UV-Ray inhibitors to protect against ultra-violet deterioration, ensuring the colour won’t fade.

Containing impact modifiers, Dock Armor is able to withstand enormous pressures of 7,000 psi while retaining its shape, ensuring it has a long and useful life.  In addition to its function, Dock Armor is completely safe for the environment and 100% recyclable.

It won't crack, split, fade, or discolour, and can be left on your dock all year long. Dock Armor is virtually MAINTENANCE FREE!

Dock Armor can be lit up to impress your guest and neighbors!

​Dock Armor uses our LED lighting system on a low power, 12 volt battery, which is rechargeable with a solar panel. WANT MORE POWER? Attach a remote control and you will have an easy way to find your boat in the dark. BE SAFE AFTER DARK!




After nine years of testing Dock Armor in commercial marina applications, including busy gas docks and transient slip areas, the feedback from marina owners and boaters was excellent!  The impact modifiers in Dock Armor’s exclusive formula make it the perfect choice for high traffic and commercial areas.


We’re confident that Dock Armor is the best choice for protecting your boat and include a five year warranty with every purchase!

GET IT NOW! Contact one of our distributors and be the first to set the standard on your lake!

Dock With Ease.


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